December 27, 2022

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December 5, 2022 in Trails

Great American Rail Trail

The possibility of a rail-trail that spans the country has been known since the mid-1980s.  The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy (RTC) leads the way in planning and inspiring this dream and has…
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October 1, 2022 in Trails

Montana Statewide Trail Projects

The Great Western Trail is a north-south long distance multiple use route which currently runs from West Yellowstone Montana to Mexico through four western states in the United States. The…
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March 17, 2022 in Trails

Route of the Olympian

The 31-mile long Route of the Olympian is one of several rail-trails occupying the former Pacific route of the Milwaukee Road, which originally connected the railroad's Wisconsin hub with Washington…
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February 24, 2022 in Trails

Montana Trail 406

Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks draw thousands of hikers to Montana, many of them traveling the Continental Divide Trail as it passes through both parks along the state‚Äôs western border. …
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